For San Francisco-based small businesses, Working Solutions offers the following Real Estate and Business Retention Assistance to help small businesses grow and stay in San Francisco communities:

Real Estate Assistance to help small businesses with site selection, property acquisition, lease negotiation, and relocation to another site within the City of San Francisco. Our real estate officer has the expertise to assist your small business with:

  • Finding a location for your business

  • Negotiating a Letter of Intent and finalizing a lease

  • Accessing grants offered by the City of San Francisco to offset rent costs and facility upgrades

  • Providing access to capital for tenant improvements and moving expenses

Accessing Incentives to connect San Francisco small businesses to City of San Francisco incentive programs that help promote business growth and retention. Examples include SF Shines, which provides funding for storefront façade improvements, and the Legacy Business Program to identify long-standing businesses and potentially access funds for historical preservation and improvements. 

Navigating Government Agencies - Working Solutions can help you make direct connections with the appropriate San Francisco city agencies to address your business needs, whether it’s securing permits, licenses, or approvals, or other issues related to your business operations. City of San Francisco resources that provide services for small businesses include:

Financing Assistance - Our Business Development team will work with you to determine whether your business is eligible for a loan from Working Solutions or from one of our financing partners.

If you are a San Francisco-based small business and would like our assistance with real estate matters or accessing services with the City of San Francisco, complete the Contact Us Form.